Planning Team

June, 2014


Milestones is an annual event which usually takes place in Ventura County in late May or early June.

The planning team for Milestones is made up of a number of former foster youth, as well as individuals and groups who are passionate advocates for foster youth. We recognize that foster youth who are transitioning out of care face challenges in areas such as housing, employment, education and transportation, and that these are ongoing needs. A lot of important work happens on a year-round basis, and that often results in milestones and achievements which former foster youth want to celebrate.

The planning team is divided into several smaller teams that meet as needed. Sometimes, some work needs to be done in the Summer or Fall, but regular meetings usually start with the entire planning team meeting in January. The 5 smaller teams meet as needed from January through the end of May to prepare for the Milestones event. A number of people who are not able to attend the meetings also contribute to the planning team’s efforts.

The planning team responsibilities are outlined in the attached writeup. Click here to read that.

If you would like to consider joining the planning team or help in some other way, please let us know.


Contact Cristina Miranda at or


The Event

The next Milestones celebration will be on

June 17, 2017

at California State University, Channel Islands

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Cal State Channel Islands

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